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Some of Our Favorite 2010 Private Eye Links

Posted by Writing PIs on December 23, 2010

As 2010 come to an end, lots of people post their favorite top-10 somethings (favorite 10 books, movies, whatever).  We’d like to post 10 of our favorite, and best of all free, 2010 private eye links because we can’t decide which of the many we use and like are actually the best of the bunch.  So here goes…

Some of Our Favorite, and Free!, 2010 Private Eye Links

An excellent, informative private investigations blog from McEachin & Associates, Ltd. : The Confidential Resource

It’s still the most comprehensive public search engine around, our first “go to” place to do a quick look-up: Google

We love to read about fictional PIs, too.  This site is a grand journey into the world of fictional PIs, from Victorian England to the mean streets of New York: The Thrilling Detective

Great source for investigation articles by PIs, as well as the latest investigation news from around the world: Investigation News

PI’s Declassified Internet radio show: PI’s DeClassified

Online trade journal for private investigators, legal professionals, and protective services industries: Pursuit Magazine

Have a safe, happy holiday, Writing PIs

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How Can I Find Out What Employers Know About Me Before I Go on a Job Interview?

Posted by Writing PIs on June 17, 2010

This question is answered on the June issue of the H.E.L.P. (Handy Education for Legal Professionals) Tip Sheet, geared to legal professionals, private investigators, and others (that includes writers!) with their research :

Each month the H.E.L.P. Tip Sheet contains links to articles, research links, and a few questions answered by PIs.   This month’s contents include articles on tracking people with cell phones and finding someone when you only have a first name; links for navigating the military Internet and searching discussions on the Internet; and answers by PIs to questions about job search background checks and cell phone records.

You can also sign up and get a monthly email when the new H.E.L.P. Tip sheet is available.  Go to and scroll down the page to the subscription box.

Have a good week, Writing PIs

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