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Showtime Series Homeland Bloopers and Fave TV Female Private Eyes

Posted by Writing PIs on December 6, 2012

Today we look at the Showtime series Homeland and one its obvious bloopers, plus reviews of some iconic TV female private eyes of yesteryear.

eye and magnifying glass

Homeland Bloopers

We dig Homeland, the Showtime series about a decorated hero, Nicholas Brody, who returns to the U.S. as a serious threat to the U.S., and the CIA officer, Carrie Mattison, who risks everything, including her heart and sanity, to expose this threat. Every week, the stories are gripping and complex as Brody and Carrie dance around each other with lies, suspicion and enough chemistry to blow up the screen.

And then there’s the bloopers.  Every time we watch the show, we have a moment (or two) when we groan.  Skip down to Fave TV Female Private Eyes if you’re behind in your Homeland watching and don’t want to read this story spoiler.

Okay, for those of you willing to read on, we groaned out loud at this recent blooper:

The vice-president’s kid’s hit-and-run scene. The kid and his girlfriend (Brody’s daughter) are on their first date and, in the process of ditching the Secret Service, they hit a homeless woman.  Sitting 20-30 feet away in their running car, they look out the back window at the fallen woman.  The kid doesn’t want to go back and help her because, to paraphrase, “I’m the vice president’s son!” Meanwhile, someone has run over to check out the fallen woman.  The vice-president’s son’s car is fully visible, with a light over the back license plate.  And it doesn’t dawn on him, or Brody’s daughter, or the shows’ writers that it’s easy to read that license plate and, oh, turn it in as the vehicle that committed the hit and run?

And another gripe about the whole kids ditching the Secret Service and pulling a hit-and-run.  Surely the vice president’s son’s vehicle, not to mention his cell phone, are GPS’d.  There’s evidence that the vehicle was at the hit-and-run scene.

Nevertheless, we love the show, can’t stop watching it despite the occasional groaner.

Honey West on phoneFave TV Female Private Eyes

Over at The Zen Man, Colleen’s posted several articles about her fave TV female private eyes of yesteryear. To read an article, click on a  link.

Favorite Women Private Eyes on TV #1: Nora Charles

Favorite Women Private Eyes on TV #2: Honey West

Favorite Women Private Eyes on TV #3: Maddie Hayes

Have a great week, Writing PIs

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