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Archive for the ‘holiday investigation stories’ Category

Funny Holiday Investigation Tales

Posted by Writing PIs on December 21, 2016

One of the Writing PIs and Santa (image copyrighted)

One of the Writing PIs and Santa (image copyrighted)


Not all private investigations are serious affairs—sometimes they’re funny. Below are two of those cases, along with a third that doesn’t involve investigators, but a deputy district attorney and a very drunk, and surprised, young man.

“I want my husband served his divorce papers on Christmas day–tell him they’re his gift from me.”

We had a thoroughly irked wife who’d found out about her husband’s blatant philandering, and made a special request through her divorce attorney: she wanted the cheater served on Christmas Day. Had to be served on Christmas Day, no other day would do.  To top it off, he was working at a local jail on Christmas Day. So, we showed up at the jail and politely asked to see him. Minutes later, he appeared–a handsome, cocky 30-something–who took the envelope we handed him, opened it, read that his wife was filing for divorce, and after thanking us, said,”This is the best Christmas gift!”

“My husband’s in the alley going for Krispy Kremes—serve him, quick!”

Another wife wanting a divorce served. Seemed her husband, who she still lived with, had done her wrong and she wanted him served ASAP, which happened to be the day after Christmas. We showed up at the front door with the papers, rang the bell, and the wife (our client) answered. She whispered that her husband was pretending to take a shower because he was afraid she wanted to have him served divorce papers, and would we mind coming back in a half hour when he did his usual Saturday morning run for Krispy Kremes? We said sure, we’d come back.

Thirty minutes later, we parked in the alley behind the house and, to our surprise, saw the wife running down the alley, waving frantically at us, yelling, “He’s pulling out of the driveway any minute!”

We happened to be parked in front of the driveway, so when the garage door opened and he attempted to back out, there we were, papers in hand. He refused to open his driver’s window, so we placed the papers on his windshield, told him he was served, and drove away.  We suppose he left and got his Krispy Kremes after that.

“Stop or I’ll shoot, wherever you are!”

A young man on New Year’s Eve had been drinking with some friends and wandered away from the bar shortly after midnight. That he could still walk after all he’d consumed was a miracle. He ended up walking up the driveway of a house that he thought he still lived in (but, in fact, he’d moved from years ago). Finding the front door locked, he went to the back porch and opened the sliding glass door. After entering the living room, he curled up on the couch and began playing with the video game console in front of him.

Moments later, the current owner of the house, who happened to be legally blind (as well as being a deputy D.A. for that jurisdiction), heard noises, got his gun, and walked into the living room yelling, “Stop!  Get down, wherever you are, I have a gun!”

Chaos ensued as the highly intoxicated young man fell over more furniture than the legally blind D.A. with the gun did. Fortunately, the D.A.’s young son (hiding in a back room) had already dialed 911, so the police arrived before more damage could be done. Although charges were filed, the D.A. recommended all charges be dropped and the young man undergo in-patient alcohol treatment.

Hopefully your holidays are less eventful and more fun!


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Real-Life Christmas Investigation Tales, Free Holiday Movies and Books, and a Kindle Fire Giveaway

Posted by Writing PIs on December 24, 2015

Christmas horizontal wreath

Merry Christmas from Guns, Gams & Gumshoes to Our Readers!

Today we’re offering a few real-life holiday investigation stories, as well as links to free Christmas movies and books, and a link to a Kindle Fire giveaway hosted by one of the Writing PIs. Enjoy!

Real-Life Christmas Investigation Tales

(Image licensed by Colleen Collins

(Image licensed by Colleen Collins)

Every year as PIs, we worked on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Even now with one of the Writing PIs working as a criminal lawyer, we both still work most holidays. For example, today is Christmas Eve and Shaun, the lawyer half of Writing PIs, is visiting a client in jail.

We’ve had some funny investigative experiences on Christmas, one being an irate wife whose lawyer contacted us and said she wanted her philandering husband served divorce papers on Xmas & no other day would do…so we did…and the ex-husband-to-be thanked us!

That story and others are in this article we previously wrote for Guns, Gams, and Gumshoes:

A Few Holiday Investigation Stories

Free Christmas Movies

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (image is in public domain)

Below are some vintage Christmas movies available via the public domain. Despite Santa Claus Conquers the Martians regularly appearing on lists of the worst films ever made, it has become a cult classic, including being featured on “Elvira’s Movie Macabre.”

Santa's Portrait by illustrator Thomas Nast, 1881 (image is in public domain)

Santa’s Portrait by illustrator Thomas Nast, 1881 (image is in public domain)

Scrooge, or Marley’s Ghost (1901) (via Public Domain Review)

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) (via Public Domain Review)

The Night Before Christmas (1908) (Internet Archive)

Free Christmas Books

Two Writing PIs’s books, one fiction & one nonfiction, are free December 25 + 26:

Mistletoe and Murder in Las Vegas (by Colleen Collins) Regular price $2.99

Click on image to go to Amazon page.

Click on image to go to Amazon page

A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms (by Shaun Kaufman and Colleen Collins) Regular price $7.95

Click on image to go to Amazon page

Click on image to go to Amazon page

Win a Free Kindle Fire Tablet

To celebrate the release of Mistletoe and Murder in Las Vegas, Guns, Gams & Gumshoes’s Colleen is giving away a Kindle Fire Tablet. For a chance to win, enter here (giveaway ends Dec 29): 


Wishing you and yours a happy, safe Christmas!

(Copyright Colleen Collins)

Shaun and Santa, Oxford Hotel, Denver, 2013 (Copyright Colleen Collins)

All rights reserved by Colleen Collins and Shaun Kaufman. Please do not copy/distribute any images noted as copyrighted or licensed. Images noted as in the public domain are copyright-free and yours to steal.

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