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Best of 2012: Our 7 Favorite Private Investigator Sites

Posted by Writing PIs on December 12, 2012

We like writing about private investigations here at Guns, Gams, and Gumshoes, and we also like reading about private investigations at other PIs’ and investigation-related sites. Below are seven of our favorite sites to visit — not meant to be all-inclusive, just a sampling of some of our picks. Note to writers: if you’re crafting a private eye character/story, these are excellent research sites to learn more about the real world of PIs., edited by Tamara Thompson, a highly respected California private investigator known for her expertise in Internet data gathering, genealogical and adoption research, witness background development and locating people .  One of our favorite offerings from her site are her near-monthly listings of “Private Investigator Research Sites.” Twitter handle: @PIbuzz

Diligentia Group, a boutique investigative firm that provides services to law firms, financial institutions, and decision makers hat and magnifying glass on computerwho require comprehensive background and due diligence investigations.  A wealth of articles on this site, from “101 Things a Private Investigator Can Do” to “Finding Hidden Assets (and a Bloody  Sock) in UCC Filings.” Follow @b_willingham on Twitter

Sherlock’s Case Files. Written by Skipp Porteous, a New York PI who specializes in wiretap and “bug” detection. Also the co-author of Into the Blast: The True Story of D.B. Cooper.  Follow @Number1PI on Twitter.

Mike Spencer of Spencer Elrod Services, Inc., Private Investigations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Spenser, a former journalist, writes informative, relevant and sometimes downright entertaining articles about the profession at his blog Private Eye Confidential.  Follow him on Twitter at @SpencerPI

Investigative journalistSequence, Inc. Tracy L Coenen, CPA and CFF, specializes in forensic accounting and writes informative articles on this topic, from “Techniques Used to Hide Income and Assets in Divorce Cases” to “Are Your Employees Committing Fraud?” articles: is an advertising site for private investigators that also includes a section on investigative articles. Some are written by professional PIs, others are links to articles about investigations.  Twitter handle: @PInow

Pursuit Magazine: This online mag/trade journal is also an online community for private investigators, legal professionals and those in the protective services industry.  They post articles on investigative trends, techniques and tools. Follow @PursuitMag on Twitter.

Shout-Out to Corra Group.  This California-based organization specializes in background checks and pre-employment screening. We’ve sub-contracted work to this organization in the past, and they’ve always been professional, timely and easy to work with.  They used to have more articles on their site, but there’s still several (click here to read articles).  Twitter handle: @corragroup

Have a great week, Writing PIs

2 Responses to “Best of 2012: Our 7 Favorite Private Investigator Sites”

  1. Willi said

    Woo hoo! I am about to do a list of resources for PIs. Thanks for including these. A couple of these are also my favorites and now, of course, I will have to include you. :)

  2. SidD said

    waooo very nice information about the private investigators i think it should be updated from time to time so that it can be easily find by any individual on internet

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