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What Is a Paranormal Investigator?

Posted by Writing PIs on May 16, 2011

Ghost on staircase (image is in public domain)

We got a call the other day from someone who wanted us to investigate a ghost in her house. We told her we didn’t conduct paranormal investigations. She didn’t understand why not (“You’re investigators, aren’t you?”)

Yes, We’re Investigators…

And, we explained to her, in that capacity we could certainly go to her house and document any suspicious sounds and movements. It might be we discover the source of the “ghosts” is actually something based in this physical world, not in the invisible one. In that way, we could help her.

But there’s a significant reason we don’t conduct paranormal investigations: We don’t believe in ghosts. However, in talking to some of our fellow investigators, we’ve discovered one of them (a former police officer turned private investigator) believes in ghosts and would love to do paranormal investigations.

Tips for Finding a Paranormal Investigator

Many paranormal investigators are people who are certified in parapsychology, or have studied paranormal investigations. Their goal is to help people in need, and often paranormal investigators do not accept money for their services, although they may accept donations for travel, lodging, and expenses. Some paranormal investigators also make money through writing books, conducting “ghost tours,” giving workshops, or even starring in TV reality shows about ghost hunters.

If you’re looking for a paranormal investigator, we suggest you:

  • Look up an established paranormal investigations organization in your area. The National & International ParaHaunt Paranormal Family Network gives referrals to paranormal investigators throughout the U.S.
  • Check the background of the paranormal organization or investigator before you retain their services. For example, contact the Better Business Bureau, review any news stories by looking up the organization online, review the association/person’s website and contact any former clients for recommendations, and you can also hire a private investigator to double-check the paranormal investigator’s background (after all, you’re inviting a stranger into your home—it’s smart to know who they are first!).

Have a happy, safe Halloween, Writing PIs

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