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Infidelity Investigations: The Signs and How to Hire a Qualified PI

Posted by Writing PIs on August 23, 2010

It’s interesting how often people, when learning we run an investigations agency, immediately assume all we do is chase cheaters.  We perform infidelity investigations sometimes, but not often, as we specialize in legal investigations (working with attorneys to gather evidence, interview witnesses, provide pre-litigation support, etc.).

But sometimes a person calls, requesting an investigator to surveil a spouse/significant other who the person thinks might be cheating.  We’re cautious taking these cases, as any PI should be.  We interview the person to learn more about the relationship, their reasons for hiring a PI, their background (and we inform them, if we take the case, that we’ll be conducting a criminal background check on them as well).

We’ll often review the signs of infidelity with our client, ask if they’ve experienced their spouse/SO doing any of the following:

  • Avoiding answering the phone when you’re around?
  • Regularly going to work early or coming home late?
  • Displaying a lack of affection?
  • Referring to a new “friend” at work?
  • Having unexplained credit card charges?
  • Saying it’s “in your imagination”?
  • Spending less time with you and the children?
  • Having  scents of cologne or perfume on their clothes?

If five or more of the above signs apply to the client’s situation, we’ll suggest they first consider marriage counseling. It’s common for couples to hit rough times, and a qualified therapist can help couples identify and resolve their differences, as well help them to communicate more effectively.

But if a person is resolved to hire a PI, below are a few tips for hiring a qualified investigator who’s qualified in infidelity investigations, has experience conducting such cases, and is ethical, discreet, and professional:

  • Check your state’s private investigator associations, most of which have web sites that post their membership directory.
  • Ask friends, business associates, your lawyer for a referral. Word of mouth gives you the inside scoop, and the opportunity to ask questions specific to your needs.
  • Check Internet and Yellow Pages for private investigator listings, but remember these are paid-for ads. Ask for references. If you’re going before a judge and jury, ask if the PI has courtroom experience. NOTE: An untrained investigator may not know the laws and end up doing something illegal during an investigation-which will cause you problems.
  • After you select a PI, interview him/her. Gauge your comfort level, ensure you have good communication, and agree on a retainer. After all, this person will be working closely with you as he/she gathers evidence that you will use to make a life-changing decision.

Stay cool, Writing PIs

2 Responses to “Infidelity Investigations: The Signs and How to Hire a Qualified PI”

  1. I agree with the ‘signs’ you list. All are dead giveaways of an existing or, at least, a future affair in the mill.


  2. Totally agree.

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