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For Writers Writing Sleuths: Links to 7 Articles

Posted by Writing PIs on August 17, 2009

For Writers Writing Sleuths: Links to 7 Articles

Below is a list of articles we’ve written on writing sleuths.   All are based on our experience as private investigators, and all are geared to mystery writers who are developing PI/sleuth characters or stories.  Feel free to re-post any of these articles in your blogs, websites, etc.–we only request you not change the title/content and that you keep the full byline at end of article.

Writing Sleuths-The 21st Century Private Eye:private investigator camera—The-21st-Century-Private-Eye&id=2441991

Writing Sleuths-Six Tips for Developing Characters Who Find Missing Persons:

Writing Sleuths-Depicting Rural Surveillance:—Depicting-Rural-Surveillance&id=2440026




Writing Sleuths-Testifying in Court:—Testifying-in-Court&id=2503670


Writing Sleuths-Pet Detectives:—Pet-Detectives&id=2444739

Writing Sleuths-Five Tips for Developing Bodyguard Characters:

Writing Sleuths-The Down and Dirty Art of Trash Hits:—The-Down-and-Dirty-Art-of-Trash-Hits&id=2762594

Have a great week, Writing PIs

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  1. Hope Clark said

    Wow, thanks for the t-shirt. Can’t wait to get it! I’ll mention you in my blog and tweets this week.


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