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Google Mobile Search App and Google Search Tips

Posted by Writing PIs on February 2, 2013

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Google Talks Back

Did you know Google’s mobile search app not only lets you speak your question, but the answer speaks back?  You can download either an Android app or an iOS app.

Quick Google Look-Ups

There’s a variety of search engines out there, but bottom line: Google is the best for finding information.  Yes, Google gets a bad rap for its privacy issues, and deservedly so, but did you know you can use other search engines like DuckDuckGo and StartPage that also offer Google search results without sharing your data and compromising your privacy?  Give one of them a try.

btw, here’s an entertaining infographic by DuckDuckGo that explains how Google tracks users and where your personal information goes (click here to read).

Here’s a few easy lookups and reverse searches.  The words in blue are the Google command format; italicized commands are examples.

What’s the weather like?

The command weather city (for example weather denver) gives you weather for any city.

What time is it?

The command time city (for example time denver) gives you time for any city.

What area is that zip code in?

The command  zip code number (for example zip code 80202) returns the town and a small map.

Whose phone number is that?

Type the phone number (for example 303-444-0000) and Google returns online listings and other public information about the number (Note: If no information displays, the number might be a pre-paid cell phone number)

 Have a good week, Writing PIs

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