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Protecting Your Cell Phones Against Spyware

Posted by Writing PIs on May 13, 2010

Seems every time you read or watch the news, there’s a new story about someone discovering nasty spyware secretly downloaded onto a cell phone.  Such spyware (or malware) is a real threat, but according to some experts, the media makes it seem more prevalent than it really is.  According to one of our PI associates who’s quite knowledgeable about cell phone forensics, a lot of cell spyware is junk, although there are also some competent, popular software brands out there.  He estimates there’s currently over 500 documented malwares for cell phones.

One of our Writing PIs currently wrote an article about how to protect yourself from cell phone spyware:

Are Cell Phones Good? Or How to Protect Cell Phones From Going Bad Due to Downloaded Spyware: (had problems shortening this url–if you click and the article doesn’t open, select the entire url and paste into your browser)

Here’s a YouTube video “Is Your Cell Phone Bugged?”

You lock the doors to your house and car, right?  You password-protect your computer, right?  Follow the suggestions in the above article to also protect your cell phone.

Have a great week, Writing PIs

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